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And now, a little contribution of my own :)

Booklist's Shelf Care podcast episode 9: "Comics and Book Groups and Libraries, Oh My!"
Susan Maguire, host
Booklist, June 20, 2020
episode 9 | full episode list

In an unusual turn of events, I'm actually able to suggest librarians enjoy my own contribution to the field of comics librarianship, thanks to host and interviewer Susan Maguire and the rest of the Shelf Care podcast production  team. Shelf Care is Booklist's monthly podcast for public librarians who perform readers' advisory, collection development, or reference (among many other aspects) for adults, teens, and/or children. Maguire regularly features conversations about comics, including interviews with creators and publishers, and I'm proud to have been included in that roster.

For the June 2020 episode I spoke with Maguire about my work as a "comics ambassador" at book clubs that generally read only prose materials, but which are interested in giving graphic novels or nonfiction a try. While offering a recommendation to check out my own work would be disingenuous, I can speak more confidently about my goals as an interviewee: I want to provide librarians with an informal toolkit for introducing prose-readers to the world of comics. I think what I have to say will be most applicable to the work of adult services public librarians, but there may be relevant lessons for academic librarians advocating for the use of comics in college classrooms, and also just for librarians as readers themselves. 

I hope listeners find it useful, and more than ever I'd be happy to hear your feedback!